canada village The Canada Village is located in Kaiping, a city in Southern China. It is about 125 KM from its provincial capital: Guangzhou, Guangdong.

canada villageIn 1923, the village was built by the oversea Chinese returned from Canada. The pioneers bought the land near Tan-Jiang river and built ten 2 to 3 levels detached houses and one 5 level Diaolou (watch tower). All the houses' structure and decoration are inspired by Canadian and European Architectures. Till late 1940s, the Canada Village had been blooming for over two decades. In early 1950s, all landlords' families started migrating to Canada again. The beauty of the village became the history.
canada village

canada village In 2007, the Kaiping Diaolou and villages were designated “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO [Extended Reading new window]. Thanks to the world class architects: Mr. Giora Solar and Mr. Arie Rahamimof. They well prepared a plan for Kaiping's cultural heritage and architecture conservation as well as tourism development [Extended Reading new window]. Since then, many visitors come to the villages for touring and researching purposes.

The Chinese Kaiping City Government also recognizes the value of the cultural treasure and budgets for building restoration and maintenance projects. The preservation teams started working in different villages in 2007.

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canada village

[Quick Fact about Kaiping City]
Kaiping is well-known by being the hometown of many oversea Chinese. Near the city, there are many historical buildings greatly inspired by Roman, Greek, and Renaissance Architectures. "Diaolou", a local name of multi-level watch tower, is common in the city. Natives built Diaolou to guard their villages and protect the families. The historical building "Expo" in Kaiping has been attractive to many visitors around the world.

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